Aleksandr Nedorezov

Aleksandr Nedorezov
Software Engineer


Master of Science in Information Technology - Software Engineering


17/08/2015 - 08/2017

Innopolis University
Pre-Master's Software Engineering program (2015 - 2016) Master of Science in Information Technology - Software Engineering program (2016 - 2017)

01/09/2010 - 07/2015

Ulyanovsk State University
The Specialist degree in Mathematics and System Programming

01/03/2014 - 07/2015

Ulyanovsk State University
Diploma of advanced training course in Teaching Mathematics and Information Technology

01/10/2013 - 07/2015

Ulyanovsk State Technical University
Diploma of advanced training course in Translation for special purposes

01/10/2012 - 07/2015

Ulyanovsk State University
Bachelor of economics

10/2011 - 04/2012

IT Learning Center
Certificates in (dot)NET, Web design, PHP, Web development, Adobe Flash, Theory of Modern Programming


06/06/2016 - 29/07/2016

Innopolis University, Innopolis (Russia)

  • Development of the InnoMaps application as a summer internship project.
    InnoMaps is an Android application that provides indoor navigation functionality for the Innopolis University.

26/07/2009 - 04/2013

Web Master, C# Programmer, Content Manager
Freelance, Ulyanovsk (Russia)

  • Supervised the design, content, promotion and programming of websites
  • Created software (desktop applications)


Mother tongue


Other languages

Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production  
English C1 C1 C1 B2 C1
French A2 A2 A2 A2 A2

Levels: A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2: Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Communication skills

- good communication skills gained through my work on various team projects

Organisational / managerial skills

- leadership (good team-leading skills) (was responsible for a team of 6 people at IT-school of the Ulyanovsk region)

- good organisational skills gained as a team leader at IT-school of the Ulyanovsk region (IT Start)

Job-related skills

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Scrum
  • Software Project Management
  • Android Development
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Disciplined Agile
  • Requirements Management
  • Static Analysis
  • Quality Management
  • Model Checking
  • Software Testing
  • Software Architecture
  • Customer Expectations Management
  • User Experience
  • Personas
  • Use Cases
  • Generic Programming
  • Linux
  • Git
  • Java
  • Spring framework
  • ORMLite
  • C#
  • C++
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • bash
  • Jira
  • YouTrack
  • ABBYY SmartCAT

Driving licence



Participation in interesting, relevant and in-demand projects; focus on the outcome for the clients. Get real opportunities for career growth and advancement.
Constant self-development and self-improvement, self-realization.



LabelThem (January 2017 - Present). LabelThem is an online markup tool aimed at building image datasets for computer vision research, and integrated with Yandex.Toloka crowdsourcing system. It is now available on GitHub. Solution stack: JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, NodeJS, Bower, Grunt CLI, Python.


Did I? Habit Tracker (August 2016 - February 2017). "Did I?" is a habit tracking companion. It tracks how often a user repeats his or her habits, collects statistics, presents it as a simple chart, and regularly notifies a user on his/her achievements. Application is now available on Google Play. (Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.) Solution stack: Java, Android, ORMLite, Play Services, Gradle.


University Picker (September 2016 - November 2016). Project represents a web-sites, the purpose of which is to help high school graduates to choose the university and the specialization based on the Russian State Exams results, the location of the university, the standard of living, average salary sizes, the number of preferred job offers, the cost of rental housing and hostels in that location. Solution stack: Django, Python, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Gunicorn, Nginx, Ubuntu Server.


InnoMaps (June 2016 - July 2016). InnoMaps is an Android application that provides indoor navigation functionality for the Innopolis University. Solution stack: Java, Android, Spring framework, ORMLite, JGraphT, Play Services, Jackson, Gradle, H2, SQLite, Ubuntu Server, bash.


Software Engineering Insights (January 2016 - April 2016). This project is about development of the mobile application which informs users about best practices in Software Engineering, motivates users to learn best practices in Software Engineering and advertizes MSIT-SE program at Innopolis University. The application provides the following functionality: useful daily advises on how to perform projects in software industry, possibility to choose development process in quantified manner, categorized articles on Software Engineering, Scrum following helper. Solution stack: Java, Android, Spring framework, ORMLite, Gradle, H2, SQLite, Cent OS 7.


Publication Management System (September 2015 - December 2015). In this project our team have developed a complete system to manage publication records. The overall project was divided into three phases: 1) Design and Implementation of Relational Model using an existing DBMS (PostgreSQL, UML); 2) Development of web based user interface, which offers CRUD capabilities to interact with the database created on phase 1 (PHP, JQuery); 3) Development of own DBMS based on page storage logic in a single file with indexing algorithm of B+ tree and replacement of the DBMS used on phase 1 (Java, PHP, SQL).


The winner of the annual scientific conference of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology. Ulyanovsk State University, 2015


Trained and presented projects at IT-school of the Ulyanovsk region (IT Start), 2014, 2015


The speaker of the scientific conference "Stochastic models in theoretical biology". Ulyanovsk State University, 2013


Management System for hotel business (June 2012). Passed a course in professional programming 52 academic hours (theory - 24 hrs. / Practice - 28 hrs.) and successfully defended a software project. Solution stack: C#, PHP, MySQL, jQuery.


The winner of the annual scientific conference in English "Global and local problems of modern society". Ulyanovsk State University, 2012


Interpreter for a BASIC-like programming language (September 2011 - November 2011). The project was divided into four stages: 1) Description of the programming language syntax using syntax (Wirth) diagrams; 2) Development of the lexical analyzer for a given programming language; 3) Development of the parser (syntax analyzer) for a given programming language; 4) Development of the interpreter for a given programming language. Solution stack: C#, C++, Visual Studio.

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